Wednesday, 27 February 2013

INDIA incredible INDIA

The issue that we have to take care..........            
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               Before i started this blog, i planned to create a blog mainly discuses with the topics like  technology,gadgets, automobiles and something which seeks attention only from the younger generations. But now i felt disappointed by myself that so many issues are happening in our day to life. and i didn't even bothered about that and i think i lost my mind to raise against those issues. and now i would like to share some words with you about our nation.

How hard to believe ?

            Country like India with a wide variety of cultures and lifestyle and associated rituals and customs. truly it's incredible. but the harsh reality goes beyond those incredibility. people in India facing so many issues today from the basic needs to an esteemed needs. when it comes to political scenario each and everyone is polluted with corruption. they are not actually serving people they serve for themselves. in order to inculcate the people in our country they play politrics. that we can see over a long period of time.    

               One of the basic and foremost issue that we are facing is the poverty. And it still persist without any decrease of intensity in some countries in Africa. the extreme level of poverty is the hunger and the people over there faces over various generations. while we come to our country this case is not far from other poor nations. India is estimated to have a third of the world's poor. In 2010, World Bank stated, 32.7% of the total Indian people fall below the international poverty line of US$ 1.25 per day (PPP) while 68.7% live on less than US$ 2 per day.
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               According to 2010 data from the United Nations Development Program, an estimated 37.2% of Indians live below the country's national poverty line. A 2010 report by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) states that 8 Indian states have more poor people than 26 poorest African nations combined which totals to more than 410 million poor in the poorest African countries.According to a new poverty Development Goals Report, as many as 320 million people in India and China are expected to come out of extreme poverty in the next four years, while India's poverty rate is projected to drop to 22% in 2015. The report also indicates that in Southern Asia, however, only India, where the poverty rate is projected to fall from 51% in 1990 to about 22% in 2015, is on track to cut poverty in half by the 2015 target date.

             These are all statistical data. But the reality is worst than this. there are lot's and lot's of N.G.O 's are organised in worldwide and nationwide and they are working efficiently. but in order to taking care of this large number of poor people in our country that wouldn't be enough to sustain. 

             You just imagine a world were people without hunger, and all the children is going to school. my wish is that everyone should be able to get at least their basic needs. 

Save India !

with love kiran lal P.R 

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